Check Installation


Mantis requires at least PHP 4.3.0. If you are not running this version or above, you or your administrator will need to upgrade your build of PHP.

You are running PHP 5.5.38

Checking your installation
Opening connection to database [bugtracker] on host [localhost] with username [root] BAD
Checking to see if your absolute_path config option has a trailing slash: "/var/www/mantis_test/data/www/" GOOD
variables_order GPCS
include_path .:/opt/php55/share/pear
short_open_tag 1
Bug attachments download thresholds (view_attachments_threshold, download_attachments_threshold, delete_attachments_threshold)GOOD
Bug attachments allow own flags (allow_view_own_attachments, allow_download_own_attachments, allow_delete_own_attachments)GOOD
check mail configuration: send_reset_password = ON requires allow_blank_email = OFFGOOD
check mail configuration: send_reset_password = ON requires enable_email_notification = ONGOOD
check mail configuration: allow_signup = ON requires enable_email_notification = ONGOOD
check mail configuration: allow_signup = ON requires send_reset_password = ONGOOD
check language configuration: fallback_language is not 'auto'GOOD
check configuration: allow_anonymous_login = ON requires anonymous_account to be setGOOD
check configuration: anonymous_account is a valid username if setGOOD
check configuration: anonymous_account should not be an administratorGOOD
$g_bug_link_tag is not empty ("#")GOOD
$g_bugnote_link_tag is not empty ("~")GOOD
filters: dhtml_filters = ON requires use_javascript = ONGOOD

File Uploads

File uploads are ENABLED.

File uploads will be stored in the DATABASE.

The following size settings are in effect. Maximum upload size will be whichever of these is SMALLEST.

PHP variable 'upload_max_filesize': 2000000 bytes
PHP variable 'post_max_size': 8000000 bytes
Mantis variable 'max_file_size': 5000000 bytes

There may also be settings in your web server and database that prevent you from uploading files or limit the maximum file size. See the documentation for those packages if you need more information. Your current settings will most likely need adjustments to the PHP max_execution_time or memory_limit settings, the MySQL max_allowed_packet setting, or equivalent.

Testing Email

You can test the ability for Mantis to send email notifications with this form. Just click "Send Mail". If the page takes a very long time to reappear or results in an error then you will need to investigate your php/mail server settings (see PHPMailer related settings in your config_inc.php, if they don't exist, copy from config_defaults_inc.php). Note that errors can also appear in the server error log. More help can be found at the PHP website if you are using the mail() PHPMailer sending mode.

Email Address:

Which types of Crypt() does your installation support:

Standard DES: Yes
Extended DES: Yes
MD5: Yes
Blowfish: Yes